Listing Your Home

Listing Your Home for Sale

At Backyard Realty Group, we have agents who are honest, knowledgeable and experienced who want to help you with all of your real estate needs! Our agents will prepare a market analysis of how they think your home should be priced, which is based upon research and facts. Our agents will present this information to you to help you determine a fair selling price.

We realize that you want to make a profit off of your investment but we will be completely honest with you about market conditions. We will not recommend a sales price just to win you over; we will help you determine a price that will bring in traffic. We sell homes – we DO NOT carry listings!

Our Agents will:

Listing Your Home

  • Run a computer-based analysis to retrieve relative comparisons to help you price your home
  • Assist with preparing your home for showings and recommend any changes/upgrades to get more curb appeal
  • Place a sign in your yard advertising it for sale as well as a directional sign if applicable
  • List your home for sale on various websites including the First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS)
  • Aggressively market your home to potential buyers and buyer’s agents
  • Market through various print advertising venues – we frequently send out postcards, brochures, etc., which bring new buyers to our website to search open listings
  • Assist in selling your home in any way possible (i.e. open houses, virtual tours, etc – when applicable)
  • Help with the negotiation process
  • Be your real estate agent for life!
  • Get started today!