Sell Your Home

Using an Agent to Sell Your Home

Are you considering selling your home? Do you need someone to list your home, or SELL your home? If you are looking to list your home, well, we cannot help you. But if you are looking for someone to sell your home you are in the right place! We specialize in selling homes, not carrying listings!

Selling?The most important decision you have to consider is who you want to represent you in selling your house. Having a great real estate agent will help you sell your home for the best price in the best amount of time.

What should you consider when choosing an agent?

An internet presence: Approximately 75-85% of homebuyers are now searching online. The trend has moved from print advertising such as the newspaper to advertising more heavily on the internet. You want to use an agent who changes with the trends. It is important for your agent to have a strong internet presence with information about themselves and their listings.

Advertising: Don’t be afraid to ask a potential agent how they advertise their listings. This is an important piece to your decision. A large portion of their advertising should be done online to reflect current trends but that should not be the only source of advertising.Sold!

Honest Advice: Your agent needs to be honest with you. When you are selling your home we know that you want to make the best profit possible however some agents may suggest a high selling price just to get the listing over another company. Your agent needs to be completely honest with you about the pricing of your home. Overly priced homes do not get as much traffic and generally expire without a sale.

Knowledge: Your real estate agent needs to be knowledgeable about real estate and the market in this area. Your agent needs to know what homes are selling for in your area, what buyers are looking for, etc.

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