Mortgage Application

How does the application process work?

At Backyard Realty Group we believe that clients should be educated and informed about the home buying process. The process of choosing a mortgage lender is completely up to you but we want to make it easier on you. By filling out our mortgage pre-approval application your information will be sent to the three mortgage lenders, listed to the right that we work closely with. They will review your information and contact you to discuss pre-approval, their services and their rates making the process faster and pain-free!

1. View or download (right-click, Save As…) the form-fillable PDF below.

2. Fill out the PDF or print and fill out by hand. In order to save the data in the form without printing and scanning, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat (click here for a free trial) or PDF Escape (free) with Windows, or Mac users can use Preview.

3. If you printed the application, scan it back in and save it; click here to upload your completed form securely. You may also mail your form to our office:
Backyard Realty Group, LLC
Attn: Real Estate Division

8295 Highway 92

Woodstock, GA 30189

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Get the Form (PDF)

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Mortgage Lenders

Andrew Kelly
Multi Mortgage Corp.
Phone: 404-218-1004

Joyce McDowell
Allied Home Mortgage
Phone: 770-639-8787

Eric Stark
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Phone: 678-742-3680